Anonymous said: Omg do you know of any blogs like this one but for different genres? If not you guys should start a bunch of side blogs imo like rock country and gospel omfg

I usually wouldnt post anons, but i’ll answer this because i’ve thought about this a lot and i actually started one. I did

But yeah, i’ve tried it with a lot of different things but nothing has clicked and really worked video to music wise. But keep a look out, you may never know. 

Baby baby baby baby we are right on time to watch the TwerkTeam go ballistic to Diane Young by Vampire Weekend

The gloves are off, the wisdom of the TwerkTeam is back out and getting down to Step by Vampire Weekend

The Twerkteam is having sexy dreams and taking a provocative turn and for the best grinding it out to Everything Is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira

From everyone (one person) at Twerking to Indie Music ,

Happy new year!!! Wishing you all the best! 

I look forward to a full year of Indie Twerking and Thank you for your support!!! Love you all!

xoxo and a happy new year,

Marisa B

Stop twerkin’ it out for me; i’ll stop twerkin’ it out for you. But thing that suprises me is i dont really want the Twerkteam to stop twerking to I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys 

I really wanna go out, i really wanna go outside and twerk the light away~ And that’s exactly what the twerkteam is doing, twerkin’ it out to Go Outside by Cults

I lay down, to keep twerking!~ Twerkteam is now poppin’ that thang to Stay Useless by Cloud Nothings

My brain’s numb from all this twerking! Watch the twerkteam bounce that thang to Super Soaker by Wavves

The rooms on fire and they are shaking their booty!~ The twerkteam is getting down to Reptilia by The Strokes